More than four million residents depend on 300 million gallons of water a day from the Chattahoochee River for drinking water. This river and its surrounding waterways also provide recreation, power, and agriculture support. Unfortunately, the Chattahoochee River is the most endangered natural resource in metro Atlanta.

In a grand effort to protect and revitalize this most necessary and precious resource, the Georgia Adopt-A-Stream program unites volunteers, community groups, and local government. Volunteers adopt local waterways to monitor water quality.

Adopt-A-Stream blends community science and environmental activism, so it requires more of a commitment than other programs. Volunteers must attend a training workshop to learn how to sample water correctly and effectively. They must also be recertified annually by their local trainer to continue monitoring their local waterway.

After training, you’ll be well prepared to conduct monthly chemical monitoring tests and/or quarterly biological sampling. Your results can provide vital information about your waterway’s overall quality and health.

For more information, visit Georgia Adopt-A-Stream.

To get involved in this essential program, contact Nikki Belmonte, at or 770-641-3742.