DIY Rain Barrel Sale Opens on Earth Day

KRB Member Sale Opens April 22

Public Sale Opens May 2

Save water at home by installing your own rain collection system! Keep Roswell Beautiful is hosting a DIY Rain BarrelĀ Sale that opens on Earth Day (April 22) for KRB members and for the general public on May 2. Capture a percentage of your roof runoff and use it to water plants later instead of tapping into your municipal water. Save water, and save money!

The kit includes an unpainted 55-gallon food grade drum, the fittings to attach it to your downspout, and printed instructions with links to how-to videos. The only tools you will need at home are a drill, a Phillips head screwdriver, and a level (personal protective gear is recommended as well). This is a closed system, meaning the top does not come off and helps prevent mosquitoes from moving in.

Sale will be open as long as supplies last. Be the first to get yours by becoming a KRB member.

Rain Barrels are beneficial not only for conserving treated, potable water, but also for preventing stormwater runoff. By catching water from your home’s downspout and diverting it into your garden, rain barrels slow rainwater rushing into storm drains, decreasing erosion and pollution in nearby streams.


Please view the video below for more information on rain barrels and instructions on how to install the rain barrel kit.