Roswell Trees

Roswell has been a designated Arbor Day Tree City USA for more than 30 years!  With more than 1000 acres of parkland, there are plenty of public spaces to enjoy Roswell’s Tree canopy.  Parks range from wooded nature areas like the Vickery Creek unit of the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area, Big Creek Park and Greenway, Dotsie Garner and Seven Branches to Historic Homes with wooded properties and landscaped gardens featuring State Champion specimens.  Learn more about how you can learn about Roswell’s Trees and enjoy the many benefits trees provide us and our community.

Roswell Area Park Tree Trail and Quiz


Keep Roswell Beautiful and Roswell Area Park have teamed up to offer you and your family the Roswell Trees self-guided tour. Twenty-five trees along the park’s trails have been labeled and 22 more Quiz Trees are marked as challenges for you to identify. The accompanying map and field guide – packed with facts and photos – will aid you in your quest to ID all the trees on the tour.

The tour is also educational and fun for group outings. Increase the fun factor by splitting groups into teams to see who can identify the most Quiz Trees. Give teams a few photos each of different leaves and have a tree scavenger hunt.

Inspire your inner naturalist! Print off a map and field guide, pack a lunch, and head to the park.

Associated materials:

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Historic Trees of Bulloch Hall

Take a self-guided tour of the Historic trees of Bulloch Hall with this interpretive guide.  The Historic Trees of Bulloch Hall provides a wonderful way to tour the grounds of one of Roswell’s historic homes while learning both the human and natural history of Roswell this historic site.  You can pick up a printed pamphlet of the guide at the Bulloch Hall Gift Shop or view the PDF here.

Mimosa Hall Tree Inventory

In 2017 the city of Roswell purchased Mimosa Hall, a historic home and property, for 2.95 Million Dollars.  As part of that purchase the city conducted a tree inventory of the entire property with each tree numbered and identified.  With 55 species of trees and more than 200 trees identified and marked with a numerical identifier, the grounds of Mimosa Hall are a fantastic spot to learn about a wide variety of native and ornamental tree species and see some of the finest mature specimens of them in the area.   Find native favorites like Black Walnut, Yellow Poplar, and Southern Magnolia alongside more ornamental varieties like the State Champion Saucer Magnolia, Dawn Redwood and many more.

Find the full tree list of inventoried trees along with the location map of each numbered tree then look for the tree tags on each tree onsite below.  Every tree has a blue metal tag and some have larger silver tags with the tree species name.



Learn more about Mimosa Hall, the gardens and visiting at

Did you know that Roswell is home to not one, but two State Champion Trees?  Both magnolias and both located on the grounds of some of Roswell’s historic homes.  Learn more about the Georgia Champion Tree program run by the Georgia Forestry Commission here.


Located at Mimosa Hall and easily accessible is the newest State Champion tree is a Saucer Magnolia (Magnolia x Soulangeana).  See the tree details here.

Located at Bulloch Hall in the wooded area behind the house and more difficult to access is the State Champoin Big Leaf Magnolia.  If you can’t find this one just enjoy this large grove of Big Leaf Magnolias which thrive on this shady hillside! Learn about the State Champoin Big Leaf Magnolia here.