Earth Balloon

There’s nothing like a vivid image to make an impact on people, and there’s also nothing like the Keep Roswell Beautiful Earth Balloon. At 20 feet tall, this inflatable mobile classroom features satellite images of our planet that can be used to teach multiple concepts, such as:

  • Water conservation and pollution
  • Human impact on the planet
  • Climates and habitats
  • Human and animal migrations
  • Map projections and time zones
  • Geography, math, and meteorology

Lessons can be taught inside or outside of the balloon.


Free Programs in Roswell

Teachers can choose to arrange for Roswell’s Environmental Education Coordinator to lead the program or to present lesson material on their own with help from an accompanying curriculum guide. The Earth Balloon is for indoor use only and requires setup in a gymnasium, auditorium, or other large room with at least 22′ ceiling. The interior of the balloon can fit up to 30 students. For schools and organizations within Roswell city limits, the Earth Balloon is FREE; contact City of Roswell at or 770-641-3742 for details.


How to Rent

Other north Fulton schools can lease the balloon for $300 per day, while organizations outside of north Fulton can lease the balloon for $600 per day. If your school, business, civic organization, or city is interested in leasing the Earth Balloon, call 770-641-3742.

For more information about Keep Roswell Beautiful, Inc., call 770-641-3742 or email us at